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From Bhavin Patel <>
Subject RE: Partial builds .....?
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2001 20:03:34 GMT
hmm i think that's what the target attribute for the tasks could be?

you would just create two targets:

<target name="client">

<target name="server">

and when you run ant you could on the command line just type

ant client
ant server

if you wanted to you could also specify a build variable like

ant -DbuildType=server
ant -DbuildType=client

and then in your target do an antcall

<target name="common">
	<antcall target="${buildType}">

the first way is probably the way to go though

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From: Hari Ramasubbu []
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2001 12:52 PM
Subject: Partial builds .....?

My product has client and server binaries to be
built,How do i build just the client or server
provided i have only one build.xml file.

Can this be acheived by passing some variables as
properties in the build command line -D option and
processing those properties for building specing set
of targets.

essentially this is what i'm looking for

if client build     build set of client tasks
else                build set of server tasks


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