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From "Adam Murdoch" <>
Subject proposed C++ support
Date Mon, 25 Jun 2001 07:52:32 GMT


Last week, a couple of tasks were submitted to ant-dev, for adding C/C++
support to ant.  One proposal was from Mark Russell, another from myself.

After a bit of discussion and some helpful suggestions from various ant-dev
people, we've combined what we feel are the best features from both
proposals into a single proposal.  Attached are the user docs describing
what the new tasks will do.

Briefly, we're planning to add two new tasks and some supporting data-types.

The main task is called <cc>.  It compiles and links a set of C/C++ source
files into an executable, a shared library (DLL), or a static library.  It
takes care of things like header-file dependencies, and platform-specific
naming coventions.

The second task is called <cclink>.  It is a pared-down version of <cc>
which only does linking.  I haven't attached the doc for it.  Usage will be
the same as <cc>.

What we'd like from the ant-user folks is some feedback.  Have a read and
let us know what you think.


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