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From "Alex Gugel" <>
Subject How can I copy directories?
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2001 09:40:27 GMT
Suppose I have the following structure:


I want to copy all "build/jar" directories to "lib" but the structure of
each "build/jar" should be maintained. How can I do this? A <mapper
type="flatten"/> flattens all! And without flatten I have all the
prefixes (which I don't know and don't want).

I tried this:

<!-- copy all files to lib -->
<copy toDir="lib">
 <fileset dir="contrib">
  <include name="**/build/jar/*"/>

 <mapper type="flatten"/>

Then I have ALL files (*.sth too) directly in "lib" (the sturcture of
each "build/jar" got lost)

I tried 

<!-- copy all files to the lib -->
<copy toDir="lib">
 <fileset dir="contrib">
  <include name="**/build/jar"/>

 <mapper type="flatten"/>

But only empty directories are copied.
Can anyone help me?



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