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From "Salman, Afzal" <>
Subject RE: Ant documentation (was: Re: javax.sql.DataSource(Thanks!!))
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2001 19:13:41 GMT
I was able to acquire an understanding of how Ant works by looking at
examples.  I looked at cocoon build.bat, build.xml
files and was able to understand how ant works.  This way I was able to see
exactly how I should formulate my xml script.  

Of course, I believe there is always possibility of improvement in a
document.  But at the same time, it is very difficult to cater to the needs
of everyone.  It helped me to look at other resources as well like  

I still have lots of questions, and I plan to use this forum to learn more.
Hopefully, I will be an expert in Ant like you all in near future.

Afzal Salman

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From: Shaikh, Mehmood []
Sent: Thursday, June 07, 2001 10:23 AM
To: ''
Subject: RE: Ant documentation (was: Re: javax.sql.DataSource(Thanks!!))

I found Ant documentation of great help, If it had more than what it has
now, perhaps it would defeat the purpose. However for people who're used to
getting software documentation in the form of a set of books, its a
different matter. 
There is however a need for gathering the various ways people have used Ant
in their projects (I guess thats what they call "Success Stories").

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From: Diane Holt []
Sent: June 7, 2001 12:09 PM
Subject: Re: Ant documentation (was: Re: javax.sql.DataSource(Thanks!!))

But here's the problem: We can't know where the doc fails you unless you
tell us -- we're not mind-readers. That's why my initial reply to your
first "failing grade" posting was to ask you where, specifically, the
documentation was insufficient.  People use documentation in different
ways: some people barely even skim through it; others sit down and read it
from beginning to end; and others use it to look for something specific
they need at the moment, get that taken care of, repeat. I tend to fall
into the last category -- ie., I know what it is I want/need to
accomplish, then I look up how, using this particular tool, you do that.

So the question is: How do you use the documentation, and in what way,
specifically, has it failed you?


--- Suu Quan <> wrote:
> This will be my last entry on this topic, I promise, because it's a
> little
> off topic.
> I've got suggestions that instead of whinning why don't I  'raised
> enhancement requests', contribute ....
> But before you say I'm a negative thinker, put yourself in my shoes
> I'm reading the "USER manual" -> I'm new at this stuff -> I"m struggling
> at
> this stuff -> I'm drowning -> I need resucitation,
> I don't know if I'm doing things the way it is intended to, I don't even
> know how it should be (and the manual doesn' t help).
> So, how am I going to 'propose/contribute'.  The only way I know is to
> tell
> this group that the manual is missing those points.
> Until I know what a task is supposed to do, its intended use ..., I
> can't
> ask for an enhancement/fix.
> And the argument that bothers me the most: this is contributed software,
> and
> contributed time. This is open software.
> When I start a job, I try to do it right. Whether I get paid for it or
> not
> does not affect my quality standard. That's the way I am. I'm just
> shocked
> at the justification that since you didn't pay for it, don't expect
> much.
> Not from Open Software.
> Now I shut up, for good.


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