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Subject Question about exec and execOn and ant installation
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2001 22:55:34 GMT

I am running ant by hand, basically i created a directory called ant and put
all the jar files in it (ant.jar....), after that i wrote my own wrapper to
run different ant tasks. Below is a command i give to run it.

$property="-Dant.home=$ant_path -DRMI=$Rmi -Dproject_rmi=$project_rmi
-Dproject_name=$project_name -Dproject_dir=$project_dir";
system("$JAVACMD -classpath $localclasspath $property $project_options $project_task"); 

My wrapper is written in perl. 
What i notice is that when i run exec, execon task, Ant is looking for
antRun script which comes in the bin directory of ant distribution. Since i
do not install it (i did not put any scripts from bin directory into my ant
directory). all my Exec, ExecOn tasks fail. My other tasks (javac, jar,
delete ... ) are working fine.

I was wondering if anyone else saw this problem.

thank you

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