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From "McNamara, Sean (Contractor)" <>
Subject RE: WLRun Frustrations...
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2001 21:46:39 GMT
Sorry to follow up on my own thread, but I've got a general question
regarding ANT task development.

Is there any defined policy or best-practice defined for when it's
appropriate to create a new ant task, or when it should be simply done by
calling something like the <JAVA> task?

Looking at what it would take to hot-deploy to weblogic, it's simple enough
to do with the java tag, but I'm seeing a bunch of tags that are also simple
to do using <java> that have been released as custom ANT tasks (<WLRun> for

What are the guidelines for when to develop a custom task, and when not to,
at least from a "What would potentially be brought back into the ANT
project" standpoint.


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From: McNamara, Sean (Contractor) []
Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2001 4:11 PM
To: ''
Subject: RE: WLRun Frustrations...

Since ANT doesn't multi-thread tasks (and according to the main site, won't
do it until sometime after the v2.0 release, if ever) I've been trying to
come up with some other options.  Currently, I've got a shell script that
drives the build process, including calling ANT at various points, starting
the server, etc. however the fact that it's a shell script means there are
some portability issues across OS's.

I'm considering (if nobody has done it already) writing a task to hot-deploy
beans to weblogic.  This has a couple problems:

   1. It only addresses Beans (JSP's and Servlets are not a problem, but
system support classes potentially are.)
   2. I don't think all servers support hot-deployment, so this limits the
applicability of the solution.

That being said, if I can hot-deploy the beans to weblogic to test them from
within ANT, it will still be a benefit to us.

Has anyone already done this, or do people think it would be worthwhile?

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From: []
Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2001 2:44 PM
Subject: RE: WLRun Frustrations...

Couldn't get it to work either - I just started weblogic/Server using the
java task. I guess behind the scenes it's the same what happens with the
runwl task.

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From: 	Alan Gates [] 
Sent:	Tuesday, June 12, 2001 7:52 PM
Subject:	Re: WLRun Frustrations...


Ant doesn't have any concept of background processing.  Even if you use 
the java task with fork=yes, ant still waits for the separate process 
(JVM) to finish.  So your aproach of using the java task won't work.

Were the class-not-found errors for the class that implements wlrun 
(WLRun) or for weblogic?  If they're for WLRun you may need to get the 
optional.jar from the ant website (at  you want 
to download the file
jakarta-ant-1.3-optional.jar) and make sure it's in your classpath.


McNamara, Sean (Contractor) wrote:

>Greets all-
>After much searching, testing, archive digging, and cursing, I'm at the
>point where I'm in need of some outside help.
>I'm trying to configure an automated Run/Test process for a system we're
>developing using Ant and Weblogic v5.10.  The problem I am having has to do
>with starting up weblogic in order to run the tests.
>We have several targets, one to build the project, package it, build the
>tests, start weblogic, run the tests, stop weblogic, but are having
>completing the cycle.
>It appears that starting weblogic stops the build-process in it's tracks.
>spent quite some time trying to start weblogic through the wlrun command,
>but kept receiving class-not-found exceptions, as a result, I'm starting it
>via the <java> command with fork="yes".
>The build process is as follows:
>The server gets started fine, but once it's running I don't receive any
>output.  I tried putting an <ECHO> immediately after the startup, and do
>see it on the console.
>If I open another shell, and manually shutdown weblogic using the Admin
>class, I DO see my test output.
>What am I missing that would allow me to successfully complete this
>build-deploy-test process?

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