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From Viraj Purang <>
Subject RE: P4 Optional Tasks
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2001 02:15:39 GMT
   Which all elements does the .war file support in Ant.
I saw only classes and lib in the example, but I believe that the xmls and
images and htmls and jsps can also be put there.
Viraj Purang

-----Original Message-----
From: Diane Holt []
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2001 6:59 PM
Subject: RE: P4 Optional Tasks

--- Kazandjian Erik <> wrote:
> I made a small sync.xml (Which I added to this mail) When I run ant
> -buildfile sunc.xml -verbose 
> I get :
> >Ant version 1.3 compiled on March 2 2001
> >sync:
> >   [p4sync] Execing sync  
> >   [p4sync] Execing [Ljava.lang.String;@3753f8

The second "Execing ..." logging output is funky because it's an array of
strings rather than a string. I couldn't find anything on the Java site
that said how to print out that sort of thing, so I converted it "by hand"
(which is probably way wrong) to a string, then referenced that in the
call to log() -- in

    148             commandline.createArgument().setLine(command);
    150             String[] cmdline = commandline.getCommandline() ;
    151             String cmdl = "";
    152             for (int i=0 ; i < cmdline.length ; i++)
    153             {
    154                 cmdl += cmdline[i] + " ";
    155             }
    156             log("Execing " + cmdl, Project.MSG_VERBOSE);

But at least now it prints out what the command actually is:

   [p4sync] Execing sync
   [p4sync] Execing p4 -udianeh -s sync
   [p4sync] File(s) up-to-date.

So you might want to modify your for now (as above, or in some
more correct way, if you know Java :), so you can at least see what the
actual command line is, to make sure that's at least okay. As to your
actual problem:

> >   [p4sync] Unknown command.  Try 'p4 help' for info.
> It looks like the build has succeeded (BUILD SUCCESSFUL) but I am a bit
> worried about the messages that p4sync gives me. Is this normal?

It's really peculiar that the build succeeds, since the P4* tasks look for
"error:" and throw a BuildException when the output has one, and since you
said you could run 'p4 -s <somecommand>' and get the expected prefixed
output, it's really hard to say why that would be failing to catch "error:
Unknown command. Try 'p4 help' for info.", since cleary that has "error:"
in it (and I modified to send 'p4 -s foo', just in case, and I
definitely got a build failure).



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