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From Viraj Purang <>
Subject probably the last one on Java Dependencies.
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2001 17:02:19 GMT
Hi Diane,
	There is probably one last bit to the priblem that I was talking
about for dependencies, I did see that if put my dest dir with the  package
structure like 
<javac   srcdir="." destdir="${cpath}/com/spincircuit/utils" depend="off"
             deprecation="off" debug="on" optimize="off" target="1.2"
in the first iteration it picks up the class files from the right location
and gives me info like the following : 

    [javac] omitted as
s is up 
    [javac] omitted as
C:\CVS1\builder\client\build\classes\com\spincircuit\utils\Mail.class is up
to date.
    [javac] added as
ss is outdated.
    [javac] Compiling 1 source file to
    [javac] Using classic compiler

which is what I want finally.
But now because of the packaging statement inside the java file the output
goes into ...

I know of no option in Java that turns this packaging attachment to "off".
   This leaves me 1 option (albeit a dirty one) ... to maually copy the
     ${cpath}/com/spincircuit/utils/com/spincircuit/utils... into
${cpath}/com/spincircuit/utils, unless youknow of a better solution ...

The issue would not exist if I did not have a packaging structure ...but
that is highly unlikely.

Viraj Purang

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