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From Viraj Purang <>
Subject Java Dependencies.
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2001 00:47:26 GMT
Hi Diane,
	I think you are probably right about the issue the of *.java,
*.class difference, ANT seems to be looking for the classfiles in a
directory hich is sans the packaging structure where it is obviously not
able to find the classfiles ( As the classfiles are hidden inside the
package structure)

And that is why those class files are marked for compilation.

   [javac] added as
C:\CVS1\builder\client\build\classes\ErrorMessage.class doesn't exist.
   [javac] added as
C:\CVS1\builder\client\build\classes\Mail.class doesn't exist.
   [javac] added as
C:\CVS1\builder\client\build\classes\MailException.class doesn't exist.
   [javac] added as
C:\CVS1\builder\client\build\classes\PropertyLocator.class doesn't exist.
   [javac] added as
C:\CVS1\builder\client\build\classes\SwitchPathSlash.class doesn't exist.
   [javac] added as
C:\CVS1\builder\client\build\classes\TimeStamp.class doesn't exist.
   [javac] Compiling 6 source files to C:\CVS1\builder\client\build\classes
   [javac] Using classic compiler

Instead of 

You know what ... I am worshipping you for this help.

Viraj Purang

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