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From Viraj Purang <>
Subject Dependencies...
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2001 02:22:50 GMT
   I am currently using just these staements ... inside my build.xml file

  <target name="dependencies" 
            description="analyzes dependencies">
      <echo message="Removing any outdated dependent class files"/>
      <depend cache="depcache"

  <!-- ================= BUILD: Compile Server Components =================
  <target name="build-main" depends="dependencies" description="compiles
Java files">

    <javac   srcdir="." destdir="${cpath}" depend="on"
             deprecation="off" debug="on" optimize="off" target="1.2"
             <exclude name="**/http/**"/> 
             <exclude name="**/https/**"/> 
             <exclude name="**/security/**"/> 
             <exclude name="**/session/**"/> 
             <exclude name="**/logs/**"/> 
For good measure I have two files called and
where depends on
If I do just > ant dependencies, ideally the classfile for Mail should get
deleted but it does not.

Now I deliberately added a line into which is
syntactically wrong so that the compilation gives me an error.
so If I do >ant build-main
If I go and look into the output folder I see that Mail has been recompiled
but MailException has not been compiled.(because of the error).

Also ...Using this build.xml file I seem to be ending up compiling all the
files in the current directory, (I need to compile only the one that has
changed ...), now how do I implement that ffunctionality ? Any help on this
will be really appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,
Viraj Purang


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