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From Viraj Purang <>
Subject RE: recursive ant build: recommendation?
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2001 17:31:55 GMT
  I am also implementing a similar structure but do not understand why you
have put files at these 2 levels:

Don't you think that specifying build.xml files at the com/abc/<xyz> level
where java files reside  ( which is done for each such directory where java
files exist) and specifying one at the top level have been sufiicient ?

I am just trying figure out if I have done something wrong in my structure.

Can you elaborate on your structure ?
Also how do you take care of interdependencies between java files at two
parallel levels like 
com/abc/xyz/ depends on com/abc/def/ 

Viraj Purang

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From: Baldry, Scot M []
Sent: Monday, June 11, 2001 10:28 AM
To: ''
Subject: RE: recursive ant build: recommendation?


We currently use ANT in an environment very similar to one that you describe
in your original email. A team of approx 30 developer each use the tree to
build invidual projects that are built / tested and migrated independently
intra-day but are compiled and tested over-night. To achieve this goal I
have had to do very little work:

1. I use cascading build.xml files for example:

The above package structure contains a total of 4 build.xml files under the
following dirs:


2. I have factored out all my common targets to "buildCore.xml" that resides
at the top level. I spent quite some time putting this together but
basically most developers can now produce a build.xml file for a new project
in ~10 lines of XML!

3. I have extended the "ant" task so that I can now do things like

<ant antfile="build.xml" dir="abc/mypackage1"
ifexists="abc/mypackage1/build.xml" />

Let me know if you would like me to explain further,


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From: Ventimiglia, David []
Sent: 11 June 2001 18:07
To: ''
Subject: RE: recursive ant build: recommendation?

>I have already seen first hand what happens when a single ANT file or even
>single set of ANT files (all
>at the top level) are used to handle this kind of interrelated projects. It
>is not pretty, especially when
>combined with an "exclusive check out" revision control system...

Hi Jim,

Can you elaborate on the problems you've had using a single Ant build file?


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