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From S Page <>
Subject RE: how to specify dependencies on additional files
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2001 23:47:09 GMT
Thanks for the <uptodate> pointer.

uptodate seems indirect.  You can put it inside the target you're considering building, but
then how do you have it stop building the current target?

So I think I have to create a new target that uses an uptodate task to set a new variable,
and reference both this target and variable in my original target.  See below.

Moreover, this doesn't quite work.  The style task still does its own dependency determination
on the in and style files, and if the out file is more recent it does not do anything.  Is
there a way to force a task to run?  I guess I could delete the out file, or touch the in
file, in order to convince the style task it needs to get to work.  ("Respect my authorah-tay!"
- Eric Cartman :o)

Here's my build.xml, simplified.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions, or sample build.xml's
doing similar things.

<!-- Decide if we need to build the product target -->
<target name="productUptodateNess">
    <uptodate property="productNoRebuild" targetfile="${project.base}/home.html" >
        <srcfiles dir="." includes="product_home_parts_list.xml,*.xsl,${data_file}"/>

<target name="product" depends="productUptodateNess" unless="${productNoRebuild}">
    <!-- The style task below may still decide it doesn't need to run. -->
        <param name="product_info" expression="${data_file}" />

=S Page
  my rough ant notes to myself at

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