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From "Shaikh, Mehmood" <>
Subject RE: VAJload and name attribute
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2001 19:26:30 GMT
David, How were you able to create a project with a "." in the name, i use
VAJ 3.0.2 , and it doesnt allow me to create a project with punctuation
mark. i.e. As soon as i enter a punctuation mark (.,][- etc.) in the project
name VAJ gives an error saying "invalid project name".

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From: Trogdon, David []
Sent: June 27, 2001 1:06 PM
To: ''
Subject: RE: VAJload and name attribute

I appreciate the feed back but the version does not seem to be the problem.
To expand a bit on the example below:

I have a project named:

SpacedObject ABC 3.1.0

in addition it has a version similar to:

010626 DET 00E

When useing the VAJLoad task it takes the form

<vajproject name="SpacedObject ABC 3.1.0" version="010626 DET 00E"/>

With the CORRECT name, running ant produces the message:

[vajload] No Projects match the name SpacedObject ABC 3.1.0

yet the the remaining projects load and ANT returns a sucessful build

If you change the project name in the script to something like:

SpacedObject ABC

leaving off the numbers in the name, then ANT will proceess the script up to
that point and return a BUILD FAILED.

Again note ... this is the project NAME .... The version is a seperate
parameter and does not seem to be a problem.

Again .. the problem seems to be that when useing the CORRECT NAME
CONTAINING NUMBERS, VAJLoad or ANT fails to match the name correctly, the
project does not load to the workspace and you get a sucessful build even
though the project does not load.

Its there some way to perhaps break the name up, use format specifies and
concatinate the name back togather?

In short, is there someway to make the dang think work?



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From: Shaikh, Mehmood []
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2001 12:06 PM
To: ''
Subject: RE: VAJload and name attribute

I've never had any problems with loading project names of length higher than
yours. There's one thing to keep in mind that , VA Workspace displays the
project name by appending a version number to it, so if your workspace has a
project, say, "SpacedObject ABC" version "3.1.0", you'll see "SpacedObject
ABC 3.1.0" in the workspace, however you'll see only "SpacedObject ABC" in
repository explorer.

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From: Trogdon, David []
Sent: June 27, 2001 11:18 AM
Subject: VAJload and name attribute


When loading projects into the workspace there seems to be some limitations
on the name attribute.

I have 3 projects that have numbers in the name similar to:

JavaMedia Watchamacallit 010424
SpacedObject ABC 3.1.0
SpacedObject Veeger 3.3

Projects listed befor and after these will load.

I tried something like SpacedObject Veeger** just for grins and it caused
the script to FAIL and stop.

Any suggestions or soulutions short of renameing the projects?



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