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From Jim Cheesman <>
Subject RE: Ant Problems, Win 2000
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2001 07:03:51 GMT
At 02:38 AM 08/06/01, you wrote:
>hmmmm ...
>That jar IS in my classpath, but the "clean" target I'm running doesn't
>call javac or anything else that would use the classpath.  Besides, I
>waited for hours (while doing other stuff, of course !!), and tried
>running the "clean" target again, and I still get the same problem.  The
>weblogic server is not running.  NOTHING is using that jar.  So I really
>don't get it ...
>help ..... ( i really don't want to manual delete that jar from explorer
>everytime )

I get a similar error intermittently here too - files (jar files) that are 
sometimes locked, sometimes not...  Tomcat, for example, sometimes causes 
this lock, sometimes not. Explorer, ultra-edit, the same.  All of which 
leads me to believe that it's a Win2000 thang, and not something that we're 
supposed to understand ;(

Things to look out for that minimise the problem:
Check that you haven't got explorer/my pc open on the directory you're 
Check dos windows aren't open on the directory
Check that you have no other java processes running
Consider adding the jar to your classpath dynamically, and not at a system 

(All things you no doubt already do, though...)

Sorry not to be of more help!



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