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From "Larry V. Streepy, Jr." <>
Subject Re: proposed C++ support
Date Tue, 26 Jun 2001 14:20:19 GMT
I would find this addition EXTREMELY useful.  I have a small portion of
my project which is non-java, and I end up using Ant to invoke make to
build that portion (YUK).  It is mainly the generation of a shared
library of JNI stuff.  The existing javah task when added to the
proposed tasks looks as though it would allow me to manage the whole
thing in my Ant framework.  Very nice.

So, what's the chance that these additions could be made to work with
the released version 1.3?


Adam Murdoch wrote:
> Hi,
> Last week, a couple of tasks were submitted to ant-dev, for adding C/C++
> support to ant.  One proposal was from Mark Russell, another from myself.
> After a bit of discussion and some helpful suggestions from various ant-dev
> people, we've combined what we feel are the best features from both
> proposals into a single proposal.  Attached are the user docs describing
> what the new tasks will do.
> Briefly, we're planning to add two new tasks and some supporting data-types.
> The main task is called <cc>.  It compiles and links a set of C/C++ source
> files into an executable, a shared library (DLL), or a static library.  It
> takes care of things like header-file dependencies, and platform-specific
> naming coventions.
> The second task is called <cclink>.  It is a pared-down version of <cc>
> which only does linking.  I haven't attached the doc for it.  Usage will be
> the same as <cc>.
> What we'd like from the ant-user folks is some feedback.  Have a read and
> let us know what you think.
> Adam
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>               Name: cc.html
>    cc.html    Type: Hypertext Markup Language (text/html)
>           Encoding: quoted-printable
>                      Name: defineset.html
>    defineset.html    Type: Hypertext Markup Language (text/html)
>                  Encoding: quoted-printable
>                       Name: libraryset.html
>    libraryset.html    Type: Hypertext Markup Language (text/html)
>                   Encoding: quoted-printable

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