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From Michael Twomey <>
Subject Re: proposed C++ support
Date Tue, 26 Jun 2001 09:45:45 GMT
Hmm, I tried this and it doesn't seem to work due to the funky way 
backticks evaluation usually works in shells. I tried the following and 
got the following output :

$ cat build.xml
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<project name="Template" default="printhelp" basedir=".">
	<!-- prints out help -->
	<target name="printhelp" description="Prints out usage help">
		<echo>Usage: ant -Dparameter=blah</echo>
		<exec executable="/bin/sh">
			<arg value="-c" />
			<arg value="echo `gnome-config --cflags` -o somefile.o somefile.c" />

$ ant -verbose
Ant version 1.3 compiled on March 2 2001

Buildfile: build.xml
Detected Java Version: 1.2
Detected OS: SunOS
parsing buildfile /scratch/mick/AntTest/build.xml with URI = 
Project base dir set to: /scratch/mick/AntTest
Build sequence for target `printhelp' is [printhelp]
Complete build sequence is [printhelp]

      [echo] Usage: ant -Dparameter=blah
      [exec] Myos = SunOS
      [exec] /bin/sh -c "echo `gnome-config --cflags` -o somefile.o 
      [exec] -o somefile.o somefile.c


Total time: 2 seconds

Notice that the part contained within the backticks has dissappeared. 
I'll poke around and see if I've missed something obvious (from my 
experience of shells there is usually a 20 line hack to get around these 
problems :)

The other option would be to create a task which evaluated the output of 
*-config and created a set of properties from it. Hmm..


Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> Michael Twomey <> wrote:
>>Usually these are invoked using backticks from the compiler command
>>line (e.g. 'gcc `gnome-config --cflags` -o somefile.o somefile.c')
>>but this never seemed to work for me in Ant when I tried passing
>>them as parameters.
> It is the shell that is expanding the backticks magic, doing something
> like
> <exec executable="/bin/sh">
>   <arg value="-c" />
>   <arg value="gcc `gnome-config --cflags` -o somefile.o somefile.c" />
> </exec>
> should work (untested).
> Stefan

Michael Twomey
These opinions are my own and do not represent Sun unless otherwise stated.
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