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From Rob van Oostrum <>
Subject Re: obtaining arguments from the ant command line [newbie]
Date Mon, 25 Jun 2001 11:55:30 GMT
you pass params to ant from the commanline like this:


in your build.xml, you can reference this by simply doing ${}

This is what they do in Ant's own build.xml so I'm assuming it works =)

good luck

dave young wrote:

> hi,
> i would really like to be able to pass down command line arguments (that
> have been specified to ant on the command line) to some of my tasks
> (well, java classes in my tasks). i have scoured the on-line docs and
> have not managed to uncover a means of accomplishing this.
> is this just a no-go area in ant, or does anybody know of a way of
> uncovering the values of command line arguments specified to ant??
> the reason for me wanting to do this is as follows;
> i have a class, which given a class or resource, will output where
> abouts that resource was loaded, this can really help out when
> diagnosing java code.
> i have a common classpath which i use throughout my project.
> i would like to make a "find" task within my build.xml file which reads
> a resource/class name from the command line (ie: the next argument after
> the "find" task name) and submits that string to my finding class, using
> the same classpath as my building and testing tasks.
> hope somebody can either let me know how to do this or point out why i
> am going about this completely the wrong way. i've been using makefiles
> quite happily for donkeys years and do want to give this ant thing a go.
> regards,
> dave young.

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