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From Rob van Oostrum <>
Subject Re: java generics compiler and ant?
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2001 07:17:36 GMT
if the generics collect.jar is only for compiling against, why would you want it
in your bootclasspath, rather than in the compiler's classpath (javac

Joel Riedesel wrote:

> Yeah, that is shooting from the hip!
> The problem is that to compile with generics using generic versions
> of the java collection classes, you need the collect.jar file which
> is a bunch of stubbed versions of the java collection classes.  Obviously,
> that file will need to come first in java's bootclasspath.  Yet, if
> you do that for Ant itself, then those collections don't work for
> Ant since they are only stubs (they are only useful for compiling
> against).
> The javac program has a -X option which java doesn't.  The example
> usage for using the generics compiler uses both -Xbootclasspath and
> -bootclasspath.  I really think I'm in the middle of a catch-22 here.
> Back to build.bat files!  Hah!
> Joel

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