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From "Larry V. Streepy, Jr." <>
Subject Re: resursive ant build: recommendation?
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2001 16:58:20 GMT
>From my experience, on a moderately complex EJB project (close to 700
source files), I have found that a single build.xml file has worked

As you mention, javac (or in our case jikes) can easily handle the
compilation of our entire source tree in a single execution in just a
couple of minutes.  That alone made it worth ditching the "make depend"
followed by "make build" process.

I know this pattern probably won't work if you have true nested
"projects", but for us it worked very well.

Suu Quan wrote:
> I am solliciting recommendation from this group on whether recursive
> build.xml files is a recommended pattern.
> In make, it is a common practice to build a makefile for each
> package/subpackage/component. Then at the upper level, you invoke the
> sub-level makefiles.
> For a not-so-clean design, compilation dependencies force the build system
> to first create a dependency list, usually creating makefiles dynamically,
> then executing them in a known order. This occupies a good 20-40% of the
> build time.
> With Ant and Javac, it seems that I can get away with one toplevel build
> file and skip that intermediate step of finding dependencies.
> Is this the recommendation for Java type of builds?
> The above is possible, I think, due to capability of javac to resolve
> dependencies. (correct me  please if I'm wrong, even slightly)
> What about other languages: C, C++ ...
> Thanks in advance

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