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From "Larry V. Streepy, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Log files
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2001 20:05:57 GMT
Doing an "ant -help" gets you this:

ant [options] [target [target2 [target3] ...]]
  -help                  print this message
  -projecthelp           print project help information
  -version               print the version information and exit
  -quiet                 be extra quiet
  -verbose               be extra verbose
  -debug                 print debugging information
  -emacs                 produce logging information without adornments
  -logfile <file>        use given file for log
  -logger <classname>    the class which is to perform logging
  -listener <classname>  add an instance of class as a project listener
  -buildfile <file>      use given buildfile
  -D<property>=<value>   use value for given property
  -find <file>           search for buildfile towards the root of the
                         filesystem and use it

So, you might want to use a wrapper script to invoke ant that always
supplies the "-logfile foobar.log" option.

Pinar Bicioglu wrote:
> Hi again,
> I'll be working on generating "logs" during the build...What I mean is that
> whenever I perform "ant all" the log files should be generated ...
> I believe that ant supports that.
> I am doing searchin on that but I appreciate any help :)
> I need documentation on that :)
> Thanks a lot...
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