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From Timothee Besset <>
Subject Re: using ant to build gcc project
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2001 09:31:40 GMT
> BTW if this is for qeradiant then I am happy to help or even write the gcc
> task for you.

Thanks for the offer :-)

Yes, it's for GtkRadiant 1.2 .. (and potentially other projects
depending how it turns out of course).
The 1.2 architecture of Radiant changed a lot, we broke the monolitic
approach to go towards a modular implementation. That is the editor core
gets smaller, and loads a bunch of shared object that deal with the
filesystem, the file formats (jpeg, tgas etc.), the modelling

So wether we choose to use ant or not, we have some work to do on the
build system anyway. I started looking at ant and jam, because I'm not
really a Makefile guru, so since I will have to mess with build systems,
I'd rather do it on something interesting.

I didn't really consider win32 yet since it's working fairly well with
VC project files already. But I guess it could be applied on win32
fairly easily too.

There's a fairly complete description of what I would try to do on our
(you might have to register to see it)

If you feel like helping, we could move the discussion to either ant-dev
or our GtkRadiant developer mailing list.


> At 11:32 PM 5/31/01 +0200, Timothee Besset wrote:
> >I'd like to experiment using ant to build a project with gcc. I'm
> >looking for a worthy replacement to the Makefile system which blows. Has
> >anyone got experience with this?
> a little amount.
> >And possibly documented a bit the
> >advantages and pitfalls, how he did it somewhere?
> Personally I wouldn't use ant to compile to C/C++ just yet. There is
> currently no built in support for such things. I would recomend still
> calling out to make for native builds unless you want to take the time to
> write a custom task. The custom task would do dependencies+compilation and
> would ideally be modelled after javac.
> >My main problems are:
> >
> >- I have to deal with several module dependencies, some settings must be
> >propagated across dependencies
> not sure what you mean - could you expand?
> >- I need to deal with header dependencies (i.e. include files) during
> >rebuilds
> Theres tools out in java-land to find this (one is at alphaworks and there
> is also a few os ones).
> >I will probably try to achieve that based around the  command,
> >does anyone have info/advice about setting up a system to prepare the
> >CFLAGS, LFLAGS and other command line settings across ant?
> Ouch. Just a warning - your build files will not look pretty ;)
> BTW if this is for qeradiant then I am happy to help or even write the gcc
> task for you.

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