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From "Jamie Tsao" <>
Subject Ant Problems, Win 2000
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2001 21:26:44 GMT
I've used Ant before on a Solaris, and found it to be quite a reliable,
stable build tool.  I'm currently using it on a Win 2K platform, and
have run into some strange bugs.
Bug 1:
For some reason, the delete task doesn't behave properly sometimes.  For
my "clean" target, I'm deleting the an entire directory.  That directory
contains .class files, config files, jar files, etc.  Certain jar files
cannot be deleted for some reason.  I get the error message:
 [delete]:  Cannot delete ......
When I renamed the file to sometime else, it was fine.  There seems to
be a bunch of inconsistencies because today I renamed the file to the
original name, and it worked.  1 hour later, it didn't work again !!
Anyone know why ?

Bug 2:
There's one particular jar that I'm copying over to the deployment
directory that is causing weird warnings.  For some reason, when use the
copy task to copy the jar to the deployment directory, the "modified"
timestamp on the jar is changed to the current time.  The Ant gives me
some warning about future modified files. Anyone ?

- Jamie

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