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Subject RE: perl scripts for tomcat.
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2001 20:24:15 GMT
> It seems to me that homogenizing the scripts to Perl, coupled 
> with simple, one line, OS-specific launch scripts, would make life 
> simpler. (At least for us, since we must support both OS flavors..)
I tend not to agree, this forces you to install Perl on each supported 

At my site we use Tomact/Java servlets to drive a build interface to the
process. Since our product is mostly Java and the build is driven by Ant the
are already present on each platform. As for Perl, the XML build script/Java
combination works better, and if I need Perl's rich pattern manipulation
I turn to the ORO package which supports oobject operations using Perl (and
regex and sed)
expressions in Java code.

Best regards.

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