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From Peter Donald <>
Subject RE: WLRun Frustrations...
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2001 02:49:06 GMT
At 04:46 PM 6/13/01 -0500, McNamara, Sean (Contractor) wrote:
>Sorry to follow up on my own thread, but I've got a general question
>regarding ANT task development.
>Is there any defined policy or best-practice defined for when it's
>appropriate to create a new ant task, or when it should be simply done by
>calling something like the <JAVA> task?
>Looking at what it would take to hot-deploy to weblogic, it's simple enough
>to do with the java tag, but I'm seeing a bunch of tags that are also simple
>to do using <java> that have been released as custom ANT tasks (<WLRun> for
>What are the guidelines for when to develop a custom task, and when not to,
>at least from a "What would potentially be brought back into the ANT
>project" standpoint.

Theres no particular guidelines about it. I tend to create a task if I use
the construct multiple times. Creating a task often simplifies writing the
build file. So if it simplifies writing a build file then write a task -
else don't ;)



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