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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: perl scripts for tomcat.
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2001 02:22:21 GMT

Just FYI almost all the work of "scripts" will be done in java for Ant2.
The one exception being win9x where you will still need to set an
environment variable for it to work.

At 03:40 PM 6/6/01 -0700, Will Hartung wrote:
>This is very simple.
>If all of the "meat" is moved into another "common" scripting language
>(Perl/Python/Tcl/bash/etc), then that "common" scripting language would have
>to be installed on all of the platforms.
>If the Ant project does not require the "common" scripting language to be
>installed on all platforms, then the Ant project must STILL maintain the
>.bat and .sh versions for those who do not have the "common" scripting
>So, now rather than maintain 2 startup scripts, you have to maintain 3 (5 if
>you include the 1 liner .sh/.bat) scripts.
>With .sh and .bat, The Project already encompasses a VAST majority of
>scripting languages on all platforms. While (Perl/Python/Tcl/bash...) may be
>common, they are not ubiquitous like the Bourne Shell (and clones) and the
>DOS .bat file. openVMS, AS/400, OS/390, etc users are left in the cold, but,
>right or wrong, those communities is used to being left in the cold. I'm
>sure The Project would be most grateful if someone submitted appropriate
>startup scripts to fill those voids.
>The proper approach is to define a necesary subset required for the
>"scripts", write the scripts in Something Else, and then "compile" the base
>scripts into the appropriate scripting language. I know of at least one
>system that does this.
>Oh, yes, I completely agree that it's a sick idea. But it fixes whatever
>perceived "problem" there may of those "kill or cure" solutions.
>Best Regards,
>Will Hartung
>From: "Jesse Tilly" <>
>Sent: Wednesday, June 06, 2001 2:12 PM
>> my $0.02USD
>> Add the Perl scripts.  Those that have it, use it, those that don't use
>> other scripts.
>> MrT
>> > From: Christopher Berry []
>> > Sent: Wednesday, June 06, 2001 4:59 PM
>> >
>> > What makes this advantageous is that I only have to maintain
>> > a single "real" script. (i.e. one w/ meat in it) -- that can be used on
>any platform.


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