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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Urgent : Error , Exception handling
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2001 04:43:09 GMT
--- Viraj Purang <> wrote:
> There is one small thing about which I have
> been thinking and that is about error handling.
>    Do we have IF THEN ELSE kind of options anywhere in Ant ? Or any
> other exception catching routines ?  How did you do them in your
> projects ?

I use different things for different situations. For example, I use the
"if/unless" attributes of <target> in combination with the <fail> task for
things like checking for required properties or files. If I'm using a
wrapper-script to drive a build, I use the return-code from 'ant' with an
"||" in the script. There's also the option of using a "build listener",
but I haven't had a chance to try that out yet (see the FAQ and search the
mail archives for more info on that one).

> Also, I just need this in order to start benchmarking my and my teams
> work.
> WHat is the standard amount of time you would expect a neophyte to take
> to finish off a build subystem creation/conversion project for a
> multi-tiered application of say 2000 class files and a total of
> 6000 files ?

I don't think I can really give you an answer to this one, since I don't
think it's so much a question of how many files are involved, but more a
matter of the complexity of what's needed for the particular build

As far as being a "neophyte", that would depend on what you're new to. If
you've put together lots of build processes, using different tools and
different approaches, and you're only new to Ant, things could possibly go
much quicker than if you've never put any build process together before at
all. Then again, if you have put together systems before, but always using
a particular tool that's very different from Ant (eg., Make), it might
actually take longer than it would for someone completely new to it all,
since you might be set in your ways and have a hard time getting used to
doing things differently.

I was new to Ant, Java, and XML, but not to tearing down old (clunky,
broken) builds and putting together a new one. And I've done that using
lots of different build tools, so for me, Ant was just another tool, and
it was just a matter of "How do I do what I need to do, using this tool?"
My guess is it's the knowing what it is that needs doing, and the level of
complexity of what needs doing, that'll be the primary determining factor
for how long putting it together will take.



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