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From Don Taylor <>
Subject Re: depends vs. antcall
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2001 14:02:51 GMT
You can pass parameters with antcall, you can't with depends. Tasks
called by antcall also won't pollute your properties, i.e. your
property definitions are available to the called task, but none of the
definitions defined in that task are available to the calling task.

Antcall *does* have a performance penalty, the build file will be
re-parsed. So unless you need the extra functionality you should use

- Don

--- Kyle Adams <> wrote:
> I've seen both the depends attribute of the target tag, and the
> antcall task used in very similar methods - to call internal targets
> the comprise an external target.  For example:
> <target name="all" depends="init, build, deploy, clean">
> </target>
> vs.
> <target name="all">
>   <antcall target="init" />
>   <antcall target="build" />
>   <antcall target="deploy" />
>   <antcall target="clean" />
> </target>
> I've also seen this for the deploy target (to make jar, war, and ear
> files), for the build target (to make directories, compile).  My
> question - which is the better way of doing this?
> Kyle


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