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Subject Can't run javadoc task.
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2001 20:42:33 GMT
I was having trouble getting ant to run a JavaDoc task.  In particular,
when I tried to invoke JavaDoc from Ant, I got the message:

JavaDoc failed: javadoc: cannot execute

I search the Ant FAQ, and the archives of this mailing list to no avail. 
I was at my wit's end, when I finally found a relevent bug in the Java Bug

>The code in the Solaris reference Java virtual machine searches the PATH
>in a nonstandard way: as soon as it finds a directory with the same name
>as the target command, it aborts with an error message such as
>"java: cannot execute".  Because the shells do not do this, the root
>cause is highly nonobvious.

This also appears to be true under Linux.  Moving the JDK to the front of
my PATH fixed the problem.  I thought I'd share my fix here in case anyone
else was banging their heads against this one.

John Brewer
Jera Design


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