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Subject Re: looping (RE: Foreach task)
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2001 16:16:48 GMT

=> On Mon, 11 Jun 2001 23:06:34 +1000, Peter Donald <> said:


> However the usecase that ant needs is executing the same set of tasks with
> different parameters. ie Repeat tasks t1 -> tn with different values for A,
> B and C properties. It is really useful when you need to repeate the set of
> operations over a large number of datasets (ie if you have 30 taglibs that
> all require same steps to generate compile and deploy etc).

OK, this feels to my ant-naive perceptions like a case of what I quoted.  I'll
spit out a straw man, and tell me where I'm missing your point?

<fileset name="tld-targets">
 <30 taglib names/>

<target t0>
  <compile a big load of stuff/>

<target t1 depends="t0">


    <!-- Frobtaglib identifies a set of source/target mappings inferred from
	 the target fileset.  Let's say it makes .jar s -->



<target t2 depends="t1">
   <!--  And so on -->


The critical difference is:

(forall $Thing: T1,T2,T3)


(forall $Thing: T1)
(forall $Thing: T2)
(forall $Thing: T3)

I assert that, for any real case of T1,T2,T3 it is possible to 'phrase' the
goal in either idiom.  I welcome attempts at counterexamples. The complexities
and pitfalls of the "transform sets of files" are different than those of the
"run scripts on individual files".  But I bet they are in fact provably


And one of them is ant-y.  The other one is anti-ant-y.

- Allen S. Rout

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