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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Ant documentation (was: Re: javax.sql.DataSource(Thanks!!))
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2001 16:09:10 GMT
But here's the problem: We can't know where the doc fails you unless you
tell us -- we're not mind-readers. That's why my initial reply to your
first "failing grade" posting was to ask you where, specifically, the
documentation was insufficient.  People use documentation in different
ways: some people barely even skim through it; others sit down and read it
from beginning to end; and others use it to look for something specific
they need at the moment, get that taken care of, repeat. I tend to fall
into the last category -- ie., I know what it is I want/need to
accomplish, then I look up how, using this particular tool, you do that.

So the question is: How do you use the documentation, and in what way,
specifically, has it failed you?


--- Suu Quan <> wrote:
> This will be my last entry on this topic, I promise, because it's a
> little
> off topic.
> I've got suggestions that instead of whinning why don't I  'raised
> enhancement requests', contribute ....
> But before you say I'm a negative thinker, put yourself in my shoes
> I'm reading the "USER manual" -> I'm new at this stuff -> I"m struggling
> at
> this stuff -> I'm drowning -> I need resucitation,
> I don't know if I'm doing things the way it is intended to, I don't even
> know how it should be (and the manual doesn' t help).
> So, how am I going to 'propose/contribute'.  The only way I know is to
> tell
> this group that the manual is missing those points.
> Until I know what a task is supposed to do, its intended use ..., I
> can't
> ask for an enhancement/fix.
> And the argument that bothers me the most: this is contributed software,
> and
> contributed time. This is open software.
> When I start a job, I try to do it right. Whether I get paid for it or
> not
> does not affect my quality standard. That's the way I am. I'm just
> shocked
> at the justification that since you didn't pay for it, don't expect
> much.
> Not from Open Software.
> Now I shut up, for good.


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