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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: hierarchial build.xml
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2001 01:04:55 GMT
--- Viraj Purang <> wrote:
>    Is it possible to have the ant pick up the build.xml  at a lower
> level by itself.

There isn't currently a way to do this in the official release or current
CVS, but a <foreach> task that would was submitted to ant-dev (as well as
two modified versions, one to ant-dev and one to ant-user -- search the
archives for "foreach" [or I have a jar-file of the latest version that I
made for someone else I could send you]).

Alternatively, you might try and propose a "-recurse" flag that would be
the inverse of "-find" (descending rather than ascending the tree), except
it wouldn't stop at the first build-file found, but instead, would execute
(either the default or a specified target) each in turn.

(Personally, I'm not all that pro on just blindly picking things up, but I
wouldn't object to the functionality being made available to those who do
trust doing that. I just happen to prefer to explicitly call/include
things, since that way I don't have to worry about cruft floating into the
build/release... but then, I'm an anal-retentive build/release engineer --
which I suppose is a redundancy :)



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