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From Frank Carver <>
Subject Re[2]: perl scripts for tomcat.
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2001 22:09:36 GMT

Wednesday, June 06, 2001, 9:58:34 PM, Frank Carver wrote:

CB> That's not necessarily true. I don't need a (separate) install of Perl
CB> anymore than I need an install of Ant, right? Look at how Tomcat is
CB> distributed. It contains the distributable parts of Ant, and does not
CB> require an install. I can do the same for Perl. The simple launch scripts
CB> would reference /tools/perl/win32 or /tools/perl/unix depending on BAT or
CB> SH. 

CB> What makes this advantageous is that I only have to maintain a single "real"
CB> script. (i.e. one w/ meat in it) -- that can be used on any platform. 

Sure. Until (as I am) you are in the position of developing for a unix
variant which doesn't come with perl, or with a compiler which will
compile it. I have had to seriously hack the over-complicated
"wrapper" perl programs for several otherwise simple Java
applications. And some which require me to compile a C/C++
launcher/installer I have never been able to use.

If you don't _really_ need somthing like perl, or a fancy c or c++
launcher, then don't use one. A very simple shell/batch script in
which I can patch my own classpaths and so on is much more usable in
this sort of situation.  Java is supposed to be portable to any
machine with a VM, not to any machine which supports a VM and perl!

Frank Carver

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