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From "M.A.Dunphy" <>
Subject ejbjar: What goes into the generic jar before call weblogic ejbc compiler tool?
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2001 17:13:32 GMT
> ** Sharing a primary key class between entity beans. **
> I have a problem with the ejbjar task in Ant.
> I have a number of entity beans whose primary key
> classes are basically identicle. In fact they all
> just subclass a simple base class called Key. I'd
> prefer not to bother subclassing Key, but use it
> directly as the primary key class of the various
> entity beans.
> In the ejb-jar.xml file I supply the fully qualified
> name of the Key class. However when I try to build
> the project I am hitting a problem. Ant seems to be
> attempting to grab the Key.class file to include in
> the bean's generic jar file. This is causing problems
> because the Key.class file is in a jar, not built as
> part of the project. Ant cannot find the Key.class
> file and so cannot build the generic jar; it doesn't
> get as far as invoking weblogic.ejbc.
> I can achieve the required results by hand. When make
> the generic jar by hand, I don't need to add the
> Key.class file to the jar. The other bean classes do
> go in (the remote and home interfaces, etc.). The xml
> descriptor goes in too, as normal. It references a
> class that is not in the generic jar file (ie. the
> Key class).
> The weblogic.ejbc utility runs fine against this
> generic jar file, as long as the Key is on the class
> path. The weblogic.ejbc utility needs to be able to
> load the Key class, so that it can compile its container
> classes (the same as it needs the String class), but
> it doesn't need to include the Key.class file in the
> final jar.
> Can I stop the ejbjar task from trying to include the
> class files for the classes mentioned in by deployment
> descriptor?

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