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From "Nikolaus Schmitt" <>
Subject Re: Compilation problem !!!!
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2001 06:14:04 GMT
Just implement the idea of "build time stub classes". There are two possible
a) Provide the EJB sources as "empty stubs", containing all members and
methods referred from within the project classes.
b) Provide the project sources as "empty stubs", containing all members and
methods referred from within the EJB classes.

I would suggest to use direction "a)", since it seems usually easier to
isolate a single EJB than the project framework classes as a whole:
1. make a dependancy check and figure out, what EJB classes (and methods)
need to be in place to successfully compile the project classes.
2. create empty but valid sources of the EJB classes referred at a temporary
3. compile the project code
4. remove the EJB stub classes
5. compile the "real" EJB implementation code
6. proceed with deployment tasks

Support detection of what to compile (EJB and/or project) by properties or -
better - automatically whitin the build definition file. Also support
detection of cross references between different EJBs.  Test! Test

By the way: no single task definition for this in ant - but the task
definitions provided seem to be sufficient.

As a conclusion:
I'd never done this before, but i would start with this proposal in mind.
OffTopic: Developers within EJB projects should never stop trying to avoid
cross references between EJB code and other EJBs and between EJB code and
"project" code. Deployers will love them for doing so.


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Von: "Sanjeev Mishra" <>
An: <>
Gesendet: Dienstag, 5. Juni 2001 16:43
Betreff: Compilation problem !!!!

> Hey!! Ant Masters !!!!
> Here is a Question to you all  for resolving the cross references in a
> Project involving the EJBs.
> I would like to describe in a bit detail.
> We Have two directories:-
> 1. One containing the project files ( Java classes etc.)
> 2. the another directory contains the EJB files.
> Obviously, the Project class files call the EJB Client which then calls
> EJB Business methods on the EJB implementation files which in turn makes
> use of the project class files. That is a circular reference. I have my
> project working fine , EJB Tested seperately and deployed successfully in
> Weblogic 6.0.
> If i delete the class files of the project and the EJB implementation and
> try to build the project (involving EJBs) by writing a build file using
> Ant tool I get stuck.
> The reason for this is if i try to build the task involving the project
> files first it expects the EJB Client class to be compiled first as it
> it ,
> so if i build the EJB Client class first it expects me to compile the task
> involving the EJB implementation first as it creates the object of the
> implemented bean and the home object.
> Finally if i compile the Bean implementations it expects me to build the
> project files as the bean is creating the objects of the project class
> located in the other directory of the project
> and i get stuck with this circular reference.
> So how should i build the project ????
> Any help would be great.
> Thank you very much
> Sanjeev Mishra

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