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From "Keith Kee" <>
Subject help with catching ant 1.4alpha error output
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2001 19:58:19 GMT
Hi everyone,
   I am trying to use vim as my ide, and I have the following set in my
.vimrc file.
        set makeprg="ant\ -emacs"
        set efm+=\ %#[javac]\ %#%f:%l:%c:%*\\d:%*\\d:\ %t%[%^:]%#:%m,\%A\
%#[javac]\ %f:%l:\ %m,%-Z\ %#[javac]\ %p^,%-C%.%#

   I have one syntax error in a java source. Ant produced such an error
messange when I did a make:
	Buildfile: build.xml

	Compiling 1 source file to D:\home\proj
	D:\home\proj\ cannot resolve symbol
	symbol  : class Strng
	location: class RadioButtonDemo
    	static Strng pigString = "Pig";
	1 error


	d:\home\proj\build.xml:10: Compile failed, messages should have been

	Total time: 9 seconds

	Hit ENTER or type command to continue

   However, vim detected:
        (1 of 16): Buildfile: build.xml^M
   which seems to indicate that it has 16 errors due to the bad
specification of the error format.

Has the format changed with 1.4alpha? I don't seem to find anyone having
problem with vim.


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