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From "Jon Eaves" <>
Subject Re: bootclasspath
Date Mon, 25 Jun 2001 13:10:53 GMT

> Jon Eaves <> wrote:
> > I'm using ant to create a j2me/midp project.
> Take a look at the external tools page, especially
> <>.
> Maybe you will find this useful.

Thanks, I've already identified that somebody has written a bunch
of custom tasks.  Fortunately, I'm fairly resistant to the idea that
the new favourite indoor sport is "add tasks to ant" (with apologies
to PJ Plauger).  I'd initially like to make use of what is there.

Mostly because I want to use this so that people who make use of 
my sourcecode only have to use ant, and not download another bunch
of extra packages.

And, I forgot to mention, I'm using Ant 1.3....

> > I read lots of emails in ant-user and ant-dev about bootclasspath
> > not working quite right.
> I think it is not always the same, but a bunch of different, possibly
> related problems.

Well, that's why I asked the question .....

> > Was it broken ?
> It depends ...

No, not really.  Broken is either yes, or no.  Like pregnant.  Neither can
be "a little bit", or "it depends"

So, I'll try again.

Has the bootclasspath option for the <javac> task been broken ?
If so, in what way ?
If so, has it been fixed ?
If fixed, in what release, or is it still in CVS ?

I have a <javac> task which is purporting to be setting a bunch of paths
and variables, however, this fails in a manner too obscure to go into
in this email.

If I use the <exec> task with "executable=javac" and the _same_ options
that are given to the <javac> task, it all works correctly.

Therefore, my hypothesis is that there is something broken in <javac>,
and my primary suspect (due to the way it's broken) is bootclasspath.

Sheesh, it's like dealing with Telstra call centre staff ;-)

    -- jon

> Stefan

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