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From "Suu Quan" <>
Subject script task: suggestion about the docs
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2001 19:50:52 GMT
I was reading the script task in the user manual, and have the following questions/suggestions

1. In the example lines


I asked myself "How would I know a (task,target)'s list of methods (as above) to call". (how
would I know that execute() exists. No I don't want to download the source code).

I scanned -for example- the Echo task, there is nothing that suggests the setMessage() method.

Would be really nice if the user manual, which is really a reference manual, also refers to
all the inherance hierarchy and inherited methods and attributes.

2. Since I know neither "netrexx" nor "javascript", and more interested in Perl, would someone
add some in-line Perl script(s) that make use of the ant task,targets ... Also, calls to a
Perl file, passing ant tasks, targets .... (I'm just saying that, I don't even know if it
makes sense).


Suu Quan

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