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From "Suu Quan" <>
Subject Re: script task: suggestion about the docs
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2001 20:30:27 GMT

> Hi Suu,
> I've monitored this discussion group for many months now. I've worked to
> develop our companies build system. There are things I still don't quite
> understand, but many things that I've already figured out. I've written my
> own tasks, and read through many of the existing tasks to figure out how
> that work. I know what it is like when you are starting out, and you
> struggle to understand what is a target, and what is a task.
> Here is what I propose: I am willing to work with you, and maybe a few
> beginners, to develop a "Starting with Ant" document. I am not a tech
> writer, and I probably can't put more than 15 minutes a day intro it. I
> don't even know what kind of format the Ant project would want this in.
> I am willing to take it on if you are!
> What do you think?

I'll see what I can do (have to leave right now). I'm willing.

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