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From "Keith Kee" <>
Subject help: cygwin,jdk1.3.1, ant 1.4 and vim on windows 2000?
Date Tue, 26 Jun 2001 13:50:03 GMT
   I posted to the mailing list a couple of days back about vim not picking
up the error messages from ant. I am running jdk1.3.1 and ant 1.4 alpha
under cygwin on windows 2000. I did more testing and narrowed down to the
fact that I was running ant under cygwin, that caused vim not to recognize
the output format because of all the ^M that ant produced.
   When I ran ant under the windows command prompt, everyting worked.
However, another strange thing is that launching javac from vim to compile
my program produced output with no ^M, and vim was able to catch the error
format correctly.
   Has anyone successfully run ant from within vim on cygwin?

Thanks in advance,

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