Hi I'm trying to use the jar task to create an applet distribution and I'm using a file to feed the classes names to the jar task. However the task doesn't take inner classes as <class>$<inner>.class, for example with my file like this:


It correctly jars the first two and last files but not the TickerPanel$1.class

Any idea, is this a bug or just Am I doing something wrong?

Mys system:

Windows 2000
Sun's JDK 1.3
Ant 1.3

The task is like this

        <target name="applet-jar" depends="applet-dep">
                <jar jarfile="${html.dir}/client.jar">
                        <fileset dir="${resources.dir}/images" includes="**/*.gif"/>
                <fileset dir="${build.dir}" includesfile="${build.dir}/dep.txt"/>

I tried feeding directly the file to the jar but it is the same

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