> AndyT says:
>     >Unless you're doing something odd, its javac which
> determines what is and
>     >isn't compiled, not ant.
> I thought Ant went through and only presented obviously
> out-of-date files
> to Javac in the first place?  (Of course, I would think that
> would foul up
> the Javac dependancy mechanism, but what do I know...)

Not as far as I know, it just passes everything which matches your pattern(sets).
I didn't write the javac task though, others on the list can tell you with 100% conviction.
Why not post the relevant part of your build.xml file?

>     >The only times I've seen javac behave as you
>     >describe are when your source code is not arranged in a
> directory structure
>     >which mirrors the package structure:
> No, that's not it.  We can run Ant n times in a row, and it
> will try to compile a *different* number of files each time.

Hmmm, again, I've seen both javac and sj (the visual cafe compiler) do this without being anywhere near ant. Its for the package layout reasons I described, but I take it you've verified that isn't your problem?

> If a particular file contains a syntax error, it might complain about
> it the first time, but then never try to compile it again.  I
> can sometimes
> alter a file and have it be ignored -- not compiled at all unless
> I clobber the .class file.  Again, this doesn't happen *every* time,
> as would be the case if the package name/directory structure were
> out of sync.  It only happens every now and again. 

Almost sounds like you've got multiple versions of the same .java file or something unintended like that. If you post details of your build directory layout and parts of your ant file to the list, perhaps someone can help you? At this point I'd think everyone will need more information to comment further.

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