Actually one way to solve my problem is to use the shell string operators, as follows:
<exec executable="echo" >
  <arg line="current_dir=${PWD##/*/}>" />
<property  file="" />
This will set a property named current_dir to the last directory of the current absolute path.  There is probably a more elegant way to do it, if anyone has suggestions.
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From: Aaron Haspel
Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2001 5:40 PM
Subject: wildcards in replace

Is there any way to use wildcard characters in the replace task in addition to some combination of properties and string literals?  What I want to do is convert an absolute directory path (say, "/home/aaron", but it could be some path of which I have no advance knowledge) to the last directory in that path ("aaron"), and I'm trying something like this:
<replace "${user.home}" token="**/" />
which fails: "/home/aaron" becomes "home/aaron", nothing is replaced at all.  Is there any way in ant to get what I want?
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