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From Mike Williams <>
Subject merging files from two directories
Date Thu, 17 May 2001 00:26:50 GMT
I want to be able to support "skinning" of web applications like this:

   - a "web/default" directory contains default resources such as (HTML,
     images, JSPs, etc)
   - a "web/skin_x" directory contains overrides for some of the default
     resources, to implement an alternative look&feel.

Now I want to create a directory "web/resolved" that contains web/default
with the skin applied.  So say I have


I want 

    web/resolved/xxx.html	= web/skin_x/xxx.html
    web/resolved/yyy.html	= web/default/yyy.html

This works:

    <copy todir="web/resolved">
        <fileset dir="web/default" />
    <copy todir="web/resolved" overwrite="yes">
        <fileset dir="web/skin_x" />
But I'd really like to be able to do it without needing the
overwrite="yes".  That is, I only want to do the copy when something
changes.  Can I set up some kind of "search-path" for the copy?


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