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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Bug in default state? (was: How to build and run using ANT?)
Date Fri, 25 May 2001 11:22:42 GMT
Michael Sattler <> wrote:

> Here's where things get wierd: I do a build with the provided
> build.xml

provided by Tomcat, right?

This is more of a Tomcat question than an Ant question but maybe we
can shed some light on it anyway (otherwise please try tomcat-user).

> [mkdir] Created dir:
> /Users/mickey/apps/java/jakarta/tomcat-3.2.1/webapps/lims/${tomcat.home}/webapps/lims
> I fixed it thusly:
>    <property name=""       value="lims"/>
> <!--
>    BROKEN? Yields
>    /correct/path/webapps/lims/${tomcat.home}/webapps/lims 
>    <property name="deploy.home" value="${tomcat.home}/webapps/${}"/>
> -->

How does the mkdir task look like that is using the wrong value?
Something like <mkdir dir="${deploy.home}" />?

To me it looks as if

(1) ${tomcat.home} is not defined in your environment at all

(2) Your project's basedir is
/Users/mickey/apps/java/jakarta/tomcat-3.2.1/webapps/lims/, either
explicitly or by setting it to "." and build.xml is in that directory.

The dir attribute to the mkdir task is considered relative to basedir
if it is not an absolute path - and if the ${tomcat.home} construct
doesn't get expanded, this doesn't look like an absolute path and Ant
will prepend the basedir.

> Given that I haven't seen this mentioned on the list archives (not
> that they were easy to search :-)

Depends upon where you are looking 8-)

Try <>, they provide serachable archives
for lots of lists, including ant-user and tomcat-user.


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