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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Passed in $CLASSPATH versus javac classpath
Date Thu, 03 May 2001 09:07:00 GMT
<> wrote:

>> > It appears that whenever ant encounters a <javac> task, it uses
>> > the passed in $LOCALCLASSPATH instead of any path specified using
>> > the "classpath" attribute of the <javac> task.
>> No, it prepends the passed in CLASSPATH by default (changeable via
>> build.sysclasspath).
> What does it prepend the passed in CLASSPATH with?

OK, after rereading the source:

(1) If you set the includeantruntime attribute of javac to false, it
won't use the CLASSPATH environment variable at all.

(2) If you set includeantruntime to true (the default), any classpath
you've specified via the classpath attribute/nested element or
classpathref attribute will come before the CLASSPATH environment.

To make things more complicated, there is a magic build.sysclasspath
property that affects the case (2), see
for details.


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