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From "John Camelon" <>
Subject incremental building
Date Tue, 08 May 2001 18:52:53 GMT
i'm trying really hard to use ant for our build environment, but its tough
to think "differently" than what i've been taught over the long hard years
using make.  :)

one thing that i haven't been able to accomplish/understand is how to
effectively do incremental build.  i have numerous projects that all run off
of one build.xml at the root of the classpath as i have seen recommended off
the list from time to time.  problem is that we use CORBA, and there are
numerous IDL's that require compilation to java files prior to running the

the inherent timestamping using </tstamp> doesn't determine that these IDL's
don't need to be regenerated, and the optional task <depends> only is
relevant for .java --> .class transformations.  so unfortunately, in order
to get incremental compilation working properly, i have had to separate the
two tasks (idl and compile) and not have them depend upon each other.  i
would like to have compile depend upon idl though, and i would like some
incremental mechanism.

any suggestions or references would be helpful.


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