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From "Justinus Menzel" <>
Subject RE: does depend work and if how?
Date Wed, 16 May 2001 14:56:38 GMT
to be a bit more specific, the project file (depend.xml) :

<project name="Depend" default="depend" basedir=".">
	<property name="build_dir" value="./test" />
	<property name="subtree" value="lbri/common" />

	<target name="prepare">
		<mkdir dir="${build_dir}" />

	<target name="depend" depends="prepare">
	    	<depend srcdir="./${subtree}"

	<target name="compile" depends="prepare">
		<javac srcdir="."

do a compile: ant -f depend.xml compile
do touch or insert some dummy function in,
where is used by a lot of other classes. And do a
ant -debug -f depend.xml
Ant version 1.3 compiled on March 2 2001

Buildfile: depend.xml
Setting project property: -> 1.3
Detected Java Version: 1.3
Detected OS: Linux
 +User task: tar
 +User task: fail
... lots of properties and stuff which are probably not important ...
Setting ro project property: ant.file -> /home/justin/DEV/depend.xml
parsing buildfile /home/justin/DEV/depend.xml with URI =
Setting ro project property: -> Depend
Setting project property: basedir -> /home/justin/DEV
Project base dir set to: /home/justin/DEV
   +Task: property
Setting project property: build_dir -> ./test
   +Task: property
Setting project property: subtree -> lbri/common
 +Target: prepare
   +Task: tstamp
   +Task: mkdir
 +Target: depend
   +Task: depend
 +Target: compile
   +Task: javac
Build sequence for target `depend' is [prepare, depend]
Complete build sequence is [prepare, depend, compile]

Setting project property: DSTAMP -> 20010516
Setting project property: TSTAMP -> 1037
Setting project property: TODAY -> May 16 2001

   [depend] Adding class info for gui.CommentTestFrame
   [depend] Adding class info for gui.UserPanel$GroupListModel
   [depend] Adding class info for gui.CommentsPreselection
... lots of files ...
   [depend] Adding class info for entity.diseaseareas.DiseaseAreasHome
   [depend] Adding class info for entity.diseaseareas.DiseaseAreasBean
   [depend] Duration = 1768


Total time: 3 seconds
but it doesn't do anything!
This is the most simple case I can think of, and still
no files are deleted. Maybe I miss something so obvious that
I just don't see it, so hopefully someone out there can help me



>>> -----Original Message-----
>>> From: Peter Donald []
>>> Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2001 7:39 PM
>>> To:
>>> Subject: Re: does depend work and if how?
>>> At 01:34  15/5/01 -0400, Justinus Menzel wrote:
>>> >Hi,
>>> >
>>> >I'm using Ant 1.3 (on RHLinux 6.1, JDK 1.3) and basically
>>> everything works
>>> >fine exept the
>>> >depend task. It simply doesn't do anything.
>>> >To be precise it gives a list of scanned class files in -debug mode and
>>> >says in general how long the operation takes.
>>> >But it doesn't remove any of the class files even if the
>>> dependencies are
>>> >clearly violated (I checked the classfiles with a hex editor,
>>> and there are
>>> >references to other classes, that were updated)
>>> >Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem?
>>> It would help us if you gave xml for task and relevent properties. (And
>>> possibly a relevent snippet from debug/verbose output).
>>> Cheers,
>>> Pete
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