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From "amaha bekele" <>
Subject Re: testing
Date Fri, 25 May 2001 12:41:30 GMT

I have been having problems with using the ejbc task for Weblogic 4.5.1
The ddcreator and ejbc compile and run fine but the manifest produced by 
ejbc does not have the correct directory path for the .ser files.
As a result the jar won't deploy.
It inserts the .ser files and the manifest in the right directory location.
I have looked at the tips in the archived emails exchanged on this mailing 
list and just can't get it to work in my case. I Would appreciate your 
experienced feed back on the following piece of ant script.
so if you have a directoy structure of
.com.companyABC.product.common :used to keep the common code
Now I am building the same directory structure as the one that exists for 
the source code in the classes and deploy directory so as to separate the 
compiled and deployed code from the source code. the DD.txt exist under the 
ejb directory in their corresponding ejb package.

<ddcreator descriptors="${build.ejb}" dest="${build.dest}" 
  	<include name="**/*.txt" />
     <ejbc descriptors="${build.dest}" src="${build.ejb}" 
     	manifest="${build.ejb}/manifest" classpath="${classpath}">
	<include name="**/*.ser" />

where ${build.ejb}=com.companyABC.product.ejb

any help??

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