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From "J.D. Fagan" <>
Subject RE: Passed in $CLASSPATH versus javac classpath
Date Wed, 02 May 2001 23:34:09 GMT
I believe in Ant 1.4, you can change the classpath behavior with

The value of the build.sysclasspath property control how the system
classpath, ie. the classpath in effect when Ant is run, affects the
behaviour of classpaths in Ant. The default behavior varies from Ant to Ant

The values and their meanings are:
only Only the system classpath is used and classpaths specified in build
files, etc are ignored. This situation could be considered as the person
running the build file knows more about the environment than the person
writing the build file

ignore The system classpath is ignored. This situation is the reverse of the
above. The person running the build trusts the build file writer to get the
build file right

last The classpath is concatenated to any specified classpaths at the end.
This is a compromise, where the build file writer has priority.

first Any specified classpaths are concatenated to the system classpath.
This is the other form of compromise where the build runner has priority.


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From: []
Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2001 3:31 PM
Subject: Passed in $CLASSPATH versus javac classpath

I'm invoking ant with a wrapper script, which calls ant using


It appears that whenever ant encounters a <javac> task, it uses the passed
$LOCALCLASSPATH instead of any path specified using the "classpath"
attribute of
the <javac> task.  Is this expected behavior?  Is there anything that can be
done (other than refraining from using the '-classpath' option in the
to make ant use the classpath specified in the <javac> task rather than the
passed via the '-classpath' option?



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