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From "J.D. Fagan" <>
Subject RE: Too many files for the ANT build HELP!!
Date Tue, 08 May 2001 18:28:42 GMT
Sounds like the root of your problem is not having a tidy repository vs. an
Ant specific problem.  My recommendation is to clean it up as you are doing.
Although this will be time consuming and tedious, it should pay dividends
later if you do it with care and end up with a repository that is organized
and clean.  Then again, if you don't clean it up with care, you'll have
developers on your back which could end up as a very unpleasant experience.
Just make sure before you commit, everything builds -- have a developer
double check the build and runtime execution on your machine before

Might want to consider creating a new project which shares files from the
project that is a mess.  Just share the files that are needed for a build
from the original project with the new project.  This allows you to keep up
to sync with developers changes without messing with their existing project.
After you verify this new project builds and works properly, have the
developers switch over to this new project.  And lock (or trash) the old
project so the mess goes away.

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  From: L.C. Oliver []
  Sent: Tuesday, May 08, 2001 8:18 AM
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  Subject: Too many files for the ANT build HELP!!

  I am currently using VSS as source code tool.  There is a lot of legacy
code in VSS that we don't really use any more but I don't really know what
to keep and what to trash.  So, when I do a recursive get from VSS I seem to
get MORE THAN enough files for make the build.  Then I spend more time
deleting files/directories from my ANT project than it takes to make the
build.  How do I get ANT to consistently only take the files necessary for
the build .  Oh yeah, I have asked development about which files are needed
and they don't know either.  They tell me to go back to Visual Cafe for the

  Please let me know what I am doing wrong and how to get ANT fixed once and
for all.


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